Why did you make this website?
I created this website because I noticed that there weren't many Owen Wilson sites out there on the web. So therefore, I created one.

How did you make this site?
I made this site with HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language). All that I know is self taught. I started making websites about a year ago which means I have 1 year experience in webdesigning.

Do you have any other websites?
Yes I do. I have a personal site which I update pretty often and I also have a Seth Green site which I don't update anymore but it is still open. Email me for the links if u wish.

Do you have Owen Wilson's email address?
Sorry, but no I don't.

Does Owen Wilson have a girlfriend?
Yep he's taken by Sheryl Crow. They have been going out for about 2 years.

Anymore questions that you don't see here?
Email me!

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